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Business Organization And Structure

When starting a new business, there are many legal nuances and considerations that could impact the near future and the long-range success of your business. It is critical to work with a legal team that has the experience and commitment to help you make sure everything is in order and your business’s interests are protected.

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., our lawyers represent clients in the Orlando and Winter Park areas of Florida in business structure and business organization. Lawyers from our firm help clients create and establish businesses of all types and sizes, including family partnerships. We will take the time to understand your goals and help you create a business that will be set up for success.

Sound Legal Counsel In Business Organization And Structure

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., our lawyers help clients with all aspects of starting a new business, including:

  • Choosing a business structure: There are significant operating and tax consequences involved in the choice of business entity. At Shams Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys help clients choose among limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships and other business forms.
  • Writing operating agreements: The operating agreements are essential for establishing corporate governance, business structures and other essential aspects of the business’s operations. Our lawyers provide sound legal counsel regarding the various aspects of crafting effective operating agreements.
  • Filing requirements: We can help you with all of the filing and administration requirements for establishing your business as a legal entity with the secretary of state.

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., we combine experience and commitment with traditional personal service to help our clients with the entire process of establishing their businesses.

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