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Trust Administration

Being named a trustee is an important responsibility that is held to a fiduciary standard, the highest legal standard under the law. If you have been named a trustee, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you with all aspects of trust administration.

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., in Florida, we represent trustees in the administration of revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and all other types of trusts. We have handled all types of trust administration situations. We can help you avoid exposure to disputes and stay in compliance with all relevant laws regulating trust administration in Florida.

We can represent you in all aspects of trust administration, including:

  • Transferring assets: A trustee is legally bound to transfer all assets according to the provisions of the trust itself. Our lawyers can help you avoid exposure to breach of fiduciary duty claims or other problems in the allocation of trust assets.
  • Trust inventory and accountings: Trusts require regular accountings and inventory of the trust’s assets and debts. Our attorneys will use their experience and knowledge to help you provide accurate and timely accountings.
  • Tax implications: One of the primary purposes of a trust is to minimize estate tax penalties. However, there are still significant tax implications to be considered in trust administration. Attorney Maurice “Mo” Shams has an LL.M. in taxation law. We can help you navigate the complicated tax elements of all types of trust instruments.

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