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What’s News US
The Wall Street Journal
  • Tepco Logs Massive $7.4 Billion Net Loss Tokyo Electric Power Co. logged a net loss of $7.4 billion for the three months through June, plummeting even deeper into the red on higher fuel and compensation costs as it continues to grapple with the nuclear crisis
  • Beijing Sees Surprise Price Increase China’s consumer-price index rose 6.5% in July from a year earlier, quicker than a 6.4% on-year rise in June, and more than economists had expected.
  • Corn, Wheat Swap Roles as Prices Surge In a reversal of historic patterns, the price of corn is higher than wheat, an anomaly that is upending commodities-trading strategies and changing what poultry producers feed their chickens.
  • Italian, Spanish Bond Yields Decline The ECB delivered on its promise to purchase Italian and Spanish bonds on a large scale, calming investors who had grown increasingly worried that euro-zone leaders might sit idly by while the debt crisis engulfed Spain and Italy.
  • Bank Lending Slows in Emerging Markets, Survey Finds Banks in emerging markets are starting to tighten credit after years of rapid expansion, offering new evidence of a potential slowdown in global growth, a new industry survey found.