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Ancillary Probate

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando, we assist out-of-state law firms by probating ancillary estates throughout the state of Florida, including counties in North Florida, North Central Florida, Central Florida, the West Coast and particularly in Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County and Volusia County. Whether we are helping a family find counsel to probate out-of-state property or providing ancillary counsel for the clients of out-of-state probate firms, we take pride in meeting the highest standards of quality representation.

Ancillary Probate Attorneys

In addition to our experience, our lawyers bring significant expertise in real estate transfers and other asset transfers involved with:

  • Counsel for ancillary probate in another state: The attorney handling a probate matter needs to be licensed in the state of Florida and have access to the court in the county where the probate proceedings are taking place. Most Florida counties have their own individual procedures on how an estate administration is handled in addition to the Florida Statutes and procedural rules. If you are a family member of a recently deceased Florida resident with property to be transferred outside of Florida, we can assist you in obtaining appropriate legal counsel in the county where the property resides.
  • Out-of-state wills in Florida: Probate for nonresident family members is a significant aspect of our legal practice. Law firms from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and other states hire us regularly to probate property in Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, and Osceola County, Florida, for wills created in other states and other countries throughout the world.

With commitment to providing traditional personal service, our law firm is a trustworthy resource for ancillary counsel in all types of probate matters.

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