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Probate For Nonresident Family Members

Handling Probate Matters For Out-Of-State Probate Attorneys

As a probate attorney handling an estate for a non-Florida client who had a friend or loved one die while residing in Florida, it is important to make sure your clients are given the highest-quality legal service and care in advising that client of Florida’s processes and procedures for estate administration. With the many time deadlines in probate, fast, competent advice is also critical in determining precisely what steps must be taken by the decedent’s spouse, children, stepchildren, friends, caretakers, relatives and creditors in order to pursue rights to information and estate assets.

At Shams Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando, we provide ancillary counsel in Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County and Osceola County probate courts.

Providing Ancillary Probate Services For Wills Throughout The World

Our lawyers have worked with attorneys from many states, including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, California, Texas and others, as well as counsel from other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, South and Central American countries to probate ancillary estates where a non-Florida decedent owned real estate and other tangible and intangible assets in Florida.

Whether you are an individual executor or probate law firm, make sure you work with a local Florida firm you can trust to provide sound counsel and detail-oriented probate representation.

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